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Fragile X Lab

Our Research

Nancy Brady and Rebecca Swinburne Romine in a discussion in the Fragile X Lab.

What We Do

Our lab is continuing what we believe to be the longest running natural history study of individuals with Fragile X and their mothers.

We are now working to determine how the challenges, needs or successful transitions of individuals with Fragile X and their families evolve into young adulthood.

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Participate in our Research

Help us learn about your child's transition to adulthood.

We are seeking young adults (18-22 years old) with fragile X syndrome and their mothers to participate in a research study.

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Left to right: Nancy Brady, Ph.D; Heather Fielding-Gebhardt, Ph.D; Kandace Fleming, Ph.D, Steve Warren, Ph.D, Dara Allgeier, M.A, Rebecca Swinburne-Romine, Ph.D, Clarissa Sevillano, M.Ed.

The Fragile X Lab Team

Faculty, staff and students are working together to increase knowledge about how Fragile X impacts individuals and families.

Meet Our Team